Welcome to Bitmuncher's Web Home!

Who am I?

I'm Bitmuncher from Germany. This nickname were created many years ago when a colleague asked me if I munch bits and bytes for breakfast. Because sometimes I seem to be like a „bitmuncher“. Before that I was known in the German Linux & Unix community under my nickname "theton" or "th3t0n". People from Russia mostly knew me as "KTS" or "kathus" and from my very early internet days as "ArguZ".

Professionally, I've been working in various areas in IT since 1999. In the past, I mostly worked in the areas of systems engineering, DevOps engineering and security engineering. Since 2018, I have turned my back on engineering a bit and focused more on security management. Today I always try to find jobs where I can combine Information Security Management (ISM) with Security Engineering (SecOps or similar approaches).

I fill my free time mostly with reading, (digital) drawing, photography and occasionally I play the one or other computer game. I'm also interested in the various cultures of this world, both extant and extinct, and the magic systems associated with them. My pets are tarantulas and ants.

What can you expect here?

This site is my personal playground on the web. It's subject to constant changes, because I add or change content more or less regularly. Over time, I want to collect content on topics that are important to me.

I also publish some of my photos and drawings here.

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